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Urgent Care for Acute Injuries at Cedar Knolls

*Urgent and Acute Injuries ONLY during Urgent Care hours. Walk-in fees may apply.

The Pediatric Orthopedic Center offers an Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinic at our Cedar Knolls location Monday – Thursday, 5pm to 8pm and Saturday 10am to 2pm. Urgent Care appointments are for acute injuries only. Acute injuries such as those caused by a fall, twist or blow to the body and include sprains, strains, and broken/fractured bones. The Pediatric Orthopedic Center’s Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinic treats medical conditions that need immediate treatment but are not life threatening.

For severe orthopedic injuries such as open fractures, deep lacerations, excessive bleeding, head trauma, significant deformity, and obvious dislocations please visit your local emergency room or call 911. For treatment of non-acute, pre-existing orthopedic conditions and injuries such as those that occur gradually overtime due to repetitious movements in sports, please call the office to schedule an appointment during regular office hours.

All patients are required to wear a mask or cloth face covering while visiting any of our offices. View COVID-19 Policies.

Does my child’s injury qualify for an urgent care visit?

Injuries that Qualify for a Visit to Urgent Care

  • New injuries as a result of sudden trauma
  • Broken/fractured Bones
  • Ligament and Muscle Tendon Strains

Injuries that DO-NOT Qualify for a Visit to Urgent Care

  • Pre-existing medical conditions and injuries
  • Overuse injuries due to repetitive movements in sports
  • Life threatening and limb threatening deformities such as open fractures and obvious dislocations that should be treated in an emergency room or by calling 911

Urgent Care / Walk-in Clinic at Cedar Knolls

Did your gymnast just twist an ankle falling off the balance beam?  Was your middle schooler injured in gym class and now complaining of wrist pain? Is your toddler unable to walk after he slid down a slide? Orthopedic injuries can occur for a number of reasons.  If your child is in pain following an injury then you need to come to The Pediatric Orthopedic Center Urgent Care. 

The practice that you have trusted for the orthopedic care of your children for almost 30 years now offers walk-in visits for you urgent injuries. Appointments are not required.  We were one of the first orthopedic practices in the state of NJ to open a walk-in, after-hours center for urgent injuries.  In addition, we are still the ONLY orthopedic urgent care center in the state to provide a fully staffed pediatric orthopedic team of specialists. While there are other orthopedic practices that offer urgent care as well, NONE provide pediatric focused specialized care for babies, toddlers, adolescents and teenagers!

You can avoid the hassle of emergency room waits and charges only to then be referred to an orthopedist.  Instead visit The Pediatric Orthopedic Center Urgent Care, allowing you to save money and still get the high quality care you deserve.

You will be seen on a first-come, first-serve basis in a timely manner.  A pediatric fellowship-trained orthopedic surgeon will personally evaluate you, so you can feel comfortable that you are getting an accurate exam and diagnosis.  And by skipping the emergency room or general urgent care, you will be starting your treatment as well as your recovery earlier.

We will be able to offer you and your injured child a convenient one-stop visit with X-rays and real-time accurate readings; appropriate musculoskeletal treatment; bracing, splinting and casting; and prescriptions for MRIs or PT.  In addition, besides providing outstanding pediatric orthopedic care, we provide appropriate referrals, follow-up care, and surgical management for more complex injuries and pathology, if necessary.

We commonly will see patients for orthopedic injuries including:

  • Broken/fractured bones
  • Ligament sprains and muscle/tendon strains

…and more.

For true life- and limb-threatening injuries and emergencies (e.g. open fractures, significant deformities, obvious dislocations), please go to your local emergency room.

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Know Before Your First Visit:

Verify the date and time of your appointment. You may be required to complete new patient paperwork or provide personal information prior to being seen by your doctor. Please arrive approximately 30 minutes prior to your appointment time.

Confirm the address and location of your appointment. The Pediatric Orthopedic Center has four convenient locations in New Jersey. Confirm with the front desk staff the office location for your visit.

Be aware of travel issues and delays. Be mindful of any driving conditions, road construction detours and parking requirements to ensure you arrive for your appointment on time.


Urgent Care for Acute Injuries (Cedar Knolls)

Walk-In Hours Update

*Urgent and Acute Injuries Only during Urgent Care/Walk-in Clinic hours. To find out if your child’s injury qualifies for a walk-in visit, click here. (Walk-in fees may apply.)


Regular Hours: 9am-5pm
Walk-in Hours* (Cedar Knolls): 5pm-8pm


Regular Hours: 9am-5pm
Walk-in Hours* (Cedar Knolls): 5pm-8pm


Regular Hours: 9am-5pm
Walk-in Hours* (Cedar Knolls): 5pm-8pm


Regular Hours: 9am-5pm
Walk-in Hours* (Cedar Knolls): 5pm-8pm


Regular Hours: 8am-5pm
NO walk-in hours.


Walk-in Hours* (Cedar Knolls): 10am-2pm

Sunday: Closed

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