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Keeping Young Athletes in the Game: Preventing Second Surgeries with Bio-Absorbable Screws

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What Are Bio-Absorbable Screws?

Bio-absorbable screws are a new type of medical implant designed to naturally integrate into the body over time. Unlike traditional metal-alloy screws, which often need to be surgically removed once the bone has healed, bio-absorbable screws dissolve and are absorbed by the body. This innovative technology offers a significant advantage in treating fractures, especially in children, by potentially eliminating the need for a second surgery.

Other Common Methods 

Traditionally, fractures in children have been treated with metal-alloy screws. These screws are strong and effective at holding broken bones together while they heal. However, they often need to be removed after the bone has healed to avoid long-term complications, necessitating a second surgery. This additional surgery increases the risks and burdens on young patients and their families.

History Of Bio-Absorbable Screws

Bio-absorbable screws are a relatively recent development in orthopedic medicine. They were created to address the issues associated with metal-alloy screws, such as the need for removal and the associated risks of a second surgery. Over the past few years, they have been increasingly used in various medical procedures, demonstrating promising results in terms of effectiveness and safety.

When Would Bio-Absorbable Screws Be Used?

Bio-absorbable screws are particularly useful in pediatric orthopedics, where young patients often suffer from fractures due to their active lifestyles and developing bones.

Injuries That Would Result In The Need For Bio-Absorbable Screws

Children and young athletes are prone to fractures in their ankles and other weight-bearing joints. These injuries often occur during sports or other physical activities. In cases where the fracture is severe and requires internal fixation to heal properly, bio-absorbable screws can be an excellent choice.

The Benefits Of Bio-Absorbable Screws 

Using bio-absorbable screws for treating fractures in children offers several key benefits:

Elimination of Second Surgeries: Since bio-absorbable screws dissolve in the body, there is no need for a second surgery to remove them. This significantly reduces the overall risk and burden on the child and their family.

  • Reduced Complications: Our study found that metal-alloy screws were associated with higher rates of complications, such as infections and the need for additional surgical interventions. In contrast, bio-absorbable screws showed fewer complications, making them a safer option.
  • Cost Efficiency: While the initial cost of procedures using bio-absorbable screws is comparable to those using metal screws, the elimination of a second surgery results in significant overall cost savings. Avoiding additional surgeries reduces out-of-pocket expenses and the emotional and physical toll on young patients.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Children treated with bio-absorbable screws experience a better quality of life post-surgery. They can return to their normal activities more quickly and with less disruption, which is crucial for their overall well-being and development.

In summary, bio-absorbable screws offer a promising alternative to traditional metal-alloy screws for treating fractures in children. They provide comparable healing outcomes with the added benefits of reducing complications, eliminating the need for second surgeries, and improving the quality of life for young patients. As research continues and these devices become more widely adopted, they have the potential to revolutionize pediatric orthopedic care and keep our young athletes in the game.

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